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Features of Hello Shraa Best English Learning App

If you’ve ever dreamt of speaking English effortlessly, then Hello Shraa is a brilliant platform to learn, develop, and polish your English language skills. This language-learning app features Artificial Intelligence (AI) to make it exceptionally user-friendly. Artificial Intelligence assesses the learning ability of the user and designs course which is individual-focused rather than a generalized one. The optimally designed course exceptionally boosts your learning.

Top 10 Reasons to Use Hello Shraa to Improve Your English Language 

Let’s have an overview of the unique features that make Hello Shraa a must have English learning app.

1  Multiple Course Options

This app is uniquely distinguished by any other English learning app in such that it provides a comprehensible interface and involves customized courses for every educational and professional stream. Whether you are a student, a home maker or a professional,Hello Shraa will teach you accordingly.You can choose from a wide range of 50+ courses such as:

  • Interview Preparation Course
  • Personality Development Course
  • Complete Grammar Course
  • SSC School Student Course
  • CBSE School Student Course
  • Full American Accent Building Course
  • BPO Executive Course
  • Sales Executive Course
  • BBA/MBA Student Course
  • Managerial level Course

2  Form a Native Accent

The Accent Learning Course builds up an excellent native English accent, patternizes intonation, and improves pronunciation. It helps understand the trending and tricky words that have been organized rhythmically to make the whole learning process easier yet effective. The more you practice with Hello Shraa app, the more quickly you can surprise people with your English accent, be it American or British.

3  Improve Basic Language Skills

By enhancing your English vocabulary and grammar to an advanced level, this app works rigorously on your receptive skills such as reading and listening. The practice material allows to boost your thinking and adds fluency to your speech.With the Audio Listening option, you can listen to a native speaker and hence improve your listening and pronunciation.

Hello Shraa is the perfect choice for Improve English Language Test takers with a pool of 10,000+ words and 5000+ sentences to learn from.

4  Learn Sentence Formation

You can learn day-to-day conversational phrases and sentences such as greeting phrases and more formal and informal sentences. In just no time you start building up simple and compound sentences and their correct usage. Apart from the literal words and sentences, it’s the best app to learn idioms with metaphorical meaning.The Day 2 Day Learning Course offers a deep understanding of managing your routine conversations and how to answer simple questions.

5  Fix your Speech with AI Technology

In today's era, machine learning has revolutionized our educational patterns. The cutting-edge artificial Intelligence technology makes this app to amazingly mimic as a human and provide instantan eousfixations to your English speech. The Confidence Booster session lets you speak in the camera while making your live conversations easier with other people.

The speech-recognition AI feature of the app is one of its kind.You no longer need to keep asking everyone to listen to your practice speech and help reading this features help to English Learning App

6  Correct your English Grammar

Perfect grammar takes you a long way!Ifyou are having persistent problems with English grammar and seeking multiple mentoring and practicing sessions, then Hello Shraa is the best virtual tutor.It proofreads your sentences, highlights mistakes, and provides useful suggestions. With repetitive practice and check throughs, you can become an English grammar pro quick.

7 Unlimited Practice Sessions

This app focuses on “practice makes one perfect”. Therefore, the unlimited practice material magically transforms your inefficiency into proficiency. These practice exercises are designed by the native English experts to make you learn error-free basic and advanced English Learning.

A few important learning sessions include

  • Word Sentence Practice
  • Revision Sessions
  • Relax Mouth Muscles
  • Sentence Building
  • Audio Listening
  • Paragraph Reading
  • Grammar sessions

After each practice session, the app analyses your weaknesses and gives you a performance based score. This allows the app to tailor further sessions accordingly and not just randomly.

8  Various in App Modes

The app contains 3 practice modes: Manual, Auto and Fast mode.

In Manual mode, one has to decide the amount of required practice and revisions by himself.

Auto-mode is an extremely adored feature of this app through which you can save your precious time and learn English simultaneously. If you don’t get much free time from your routine activities, classes, or office schedules, then this model works best for you. Once you start practicing, the AI senses your strengths and weaknesses and makes sure you learn words, sentences, and grammar accordingly.

In Fast mode, the sessions run quicklyand are best for courses such as Grammar correction.

9  Interview Practice

Have you got an interview call for that dream job but lack the confidence to give your best? This could be anyone’s nightmare. Hello Shraa brings you an exciting feature of practicing interviews in intense simulation to the real one. It has exclusively designed a range of common interview questions according to almost every educational domain.

After self practicing, you can choose to rehearse live with the recruitment experts and give multiple mock interviews. Is there any better way to be confidently prepared for your next dream job?

10  Free Demo and Pro Versions

Above all, this matchless English Learning App with exceptionally designed features comes with a FreeDemo and a Pro version. You can initially try the demo version andsee if it works for you. You can always upgrade to the Pro version and skillfully learn competing English.

Hello Shraa is based upon deeply researched and proven learning techniques that not only teach you a new language but also instill confidence and a sense of accomplishment with each new lesson. There are several AI-based segment readings, audio listenings, spell-checks, speaking sessions, and additional well-versed scholarly stuff. So practice more and flaunt your English faster than you imagine!

So why wait formore if you can get started now? Download the app today and enjoy a boost to your English-language skills daily, anytime, and anywhere.



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